Reiki is a natural relaxation / healing technique rediscovered the early 1900’s by Mikao Usui.

It is a safe, simple method of spiritual healing, used mainly through touch, utilizing the universal life force.

Uses include illness, injury, animals, plants, house cleansing, etc…the possibilities are endless.

Reiki is not an religion, but works well with all positive intent, not dependent on belief, it works whether you believe or not.

Reiki increases the beneficial effects of all modern medical treatments as well as increasing beneficial effects in all other areas of life, and will never harm.

Reiki is not taught, but is passed to the student through an "attunement" given by a Reiki master.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Free Reiki demos

Yesterday morning as we were getting ready to go to town and give free Reiki demos. Jorden's ears started to bleed. Not profusely but enough to drip out. He was feeling no pain, just a bit of discomfort. Keeping in mind this is the guy that when his appendix burst he said he was fine.
We called the doctor it was going to be almost 2 hours before he could be seen.

So of course we started Reiki, his ears got very hot.

By the time we got down there his ears had stopped bleeding. Still no pain. The doctor couldn't find anything wrong other than they were a bit red. He wanted to make sure he wasn't missing anything so he had a nurse clean Jorden's ears with a wash. Nothing, they were amazed at how clean his ears are.

They think he may have had a scratch in both ears from cleaning them the night before. Problem with that is he woke up with fresh blood coming out of his ears, and they couldn't find a scratch in either ear.

Either way with Reiki's aid he is fine, his ears are a little sore from the cleaning they put him through, they didn't want to "give up" there had to be something in there :(

We will be giving free Reiki demos on Friday at Pi * Yoga weather permitting, however anyone wanting a free demo is welcome to come to our place for it, just drop us a line or email.

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